Steel Lust Cuffs with Chain
Steel Lust Cuffs with Chain
Steel Lust Cuffs with Chain
Steel Lust Cuffs with Chain

Steel Lust Cuffs with Chain

Explore Boundaries with Steel Lust Cuffs by Hell's Couture. Elevate Your BDSM Game - Shop Now for Endless Delight!

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Product Description

Steel Lust Cuffs

Restraint—it's an art, a dance, and a journey into the realms of pleasure that are hidden within us all. And when it comes to restraint, Hell's Couture Steel Lust Cuffs with Chain are the conductor's baton, ready to lead you in a symphony of laughter and desire.

Crafted from surgical steel, these cuffs are not your run-of-the-mill restraints. They're heavy, they're durable, and they're virtually unbreakable. If you're looking to explore the world of dominance and submission, these cuffs are your ticket to a thrilling ride. But it's not just about control; it's about the tantalizing mind games that come with it.

Imagine your submissive adorned with these exquisite cuffs, the heavy chains dangling as a testament to the pleasure and power that awaits. The mere sight of them is enough to set hearts racing and desires soaring. These cuffs are not just tools; they're works of art.

Hell's Couture understands that one size doesn't fit all, which is why they offer two sizes to choose from. The Medium cuffs, with a diameter of 53mm, a thickness of 8mm, and a depth of 39mm, provide a snug and secure fit. On the other hand, the Large cuffs, with a diameter of 68mm, a thickness of 6mm, and a depth of 40mm, offer a bit more room while retaining the unyielding quality that defines Hell's Couture.

These cuffs are your gateway to a world of pleasure and exploration. Whether you're an experienced BDSM practitioner or just beginning to explore your kinkier side, Hell's Couture Steel Lust Cuffs with Chain will guide you on your journey. They are not just restraints; they're a key to the hidden desires within.

But remember, when you're playing with these cuffs, it's not just about restraint; it's about unleashing your inner kinkster, exploring boundaries, and finding the laughter in pleasure. Are you ready to embark on this exhilarating adventure? Hell's Couture Steel Lust Cuffs with Chain are your companions in ecstasy.


Approximate Measurements


Cuffs diameter: 53mm

Cuffs thickness: 8mm

Cuffs depth: 39mm



Cuffs diameter: 68mm

Cuffs thickness: 6mm

Cuffs depth: 40mm

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