Heavy Duty Steel Yoke
Heavy Duty Steel Yoke
Heavy Duty Steel Yoke
Heavy Duty Steel Yoke

Heavy Duty Steel Yoke

Heavy Duty Steel Yoke by Hell's Couture Is A Steel Bondage Bar with Neck and Wrist Cuffs, Keeps your subs hands held high during restraint play

$179.99 AUD

Product Description

Heavy Duty Steel Yoke

 Introducing the pinnacle of restraint and submission – Hell’s Couture Heavy Duty Steel Yoke. This extraordinary piece of bondage equipment is designed to take your BDSM experiences to new heights, delivering both aesthetics and function. Crafted with precision and passion, this steel yoke will ensure your sub or slave is held firmly in their place, ready to fulfill your deepest desires.

Built to Last: This heavy-duty yoke is constructed from medical-grade steel, guaranteeing its durability and longevity. Unlike inferior materials that can break or wear down over time, our steel yoke is built to withstand even the most intense bondage sessions. You can trust it to serve you faithfully for years to come.

Ultimate Submission: Imagine your partner bound, helpless, and at your mercy, just like a medieval knight in stocks. With the Hell’s Couture Heavy Duty Steel Yoke, you can turn this fantasy into a thrilling reality. Whether you choose to whip, tease, or take full advantage of their vulnerable position, the yoke will make them submit to your superior will.

Secure and Comfortable: The yoke features a fixed metal bar with a collar and two wrist restraints, providing secure bondage while ensuring your sub's comfort during extended sessions. The collar and cuffs are thoughtfully designed to minimize any unnecessary pressure or discomfort, allowing you to focus solely on your play.

Perfect Fit: Designed with precision, the yoke is adjustable to accommodate different body sizes and shapes. The neck opening measures 122mm, and the wrist restraints are 59mm in diameter, ensuring a snug but not constricting fit. The total length of the yoke is 84cm, with a width of 21mm and a thickness of 5mm.

Certified Quality: Your safety and satisfaction are paramount. Rest assured that our Heavy Duty Steel Yoke is 100% Non-Magnate and made from medical-grade steel. Be cautious of cheaper alternatives that may use inferior materials or contain Magnate, which causes rusting. We stand by the quality of our products and proudly endorse this yoke as a part of our 100% surgical steel collection.

Elevate your bondage experiences to a whole new level with the Hell’s Couture Heavy Duty Steel Yoke. Dominate with confidence, knowing that this yoke will endure as you explore the depths of submission and pleasure.

Neck: 122mm

Wrist: 59mm

Total Length: 84cm

Width: 21mm

Thickness: 5mm

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