Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs
Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs
Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs
Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs

Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs

Elevate your intimacy with the Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs – a blend of elegance and restraint. Unleash desire and explore a world of sophisticated pleasure!

$94.99 AUD

Product Description

Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs: Elegance Meets Intrigue

Dive into the world of heightened sensuality with the Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs – a masterpiece of design that blends elegance with the thrilling allure of restraint. This designer collar and cuffs set is crafted for those who crave a touch of sophistication in their intimate adventures. Let's explore the exquisite features that make this bondage kit a must-have for lovers of passion and play.

Sensual Lace-Up Design: Unveiling Desires with Style The Scandal Posture Collar boasts a sensual lace-up design that adds an element of seduction to every encounter. As you or your partner delicately tighten the laces, feel the anticipation rise. The collar and cuffs become not just accessories but gateways to a world where desire is both expressed and restrained, creating a perfect balance of elegance and intrigue.

Plushy Comfort, Designer Elegance: A Luxurious Experience Soft and plushy on one side, and adorned with designer fabric on the other – this collar and cuffs set is a tactile delight. Experience the luxurious touch against your skin as you succumb to the pleasures of surrender. The contrasting textures add a visual appeal, turning your intimate moments into a feast for the senses.

Heavy-Duty Metal Chain: A Symbol of Unyielding Connection Connected by a heavy-duty metal chain with a universal clasp, the Scandal Posture Collar and Cuffs symbolize the unyielding connection between partners exploring the depths of desire. The non-tarnishing, nickel-free components ensure not just durability but also a timeless quality that mirrors the enduring nature of passionate connections.

Adjustable for Perfect Fit: Tailoring Desire to Your Specifications Comfort is paramount in the Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs. The collar adjusts up to 16 inches, while the cuffs can be tailored to a snug fit, adjusting up to 10.5 inches. This attention to detail ensures that the set is not only visually stunning but also feels like a bespoke creation, molded to fit your desires perfectly.

Detachable Chain: Versatility Redefined The 25-inch detachable chain adds a layer of versatility to this bondage kit. Whether you choose to keep the chain attached for heightened restraint or detach it to explore more freely, the Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs adapts to your desires. It's a tool that encourages exploration and creativity in the realm of sensual play.

Materials Crafted for Pleasure and Safety: A Commitment to Quality Crafted from polyester, including fabric, lining, and Velcro®, the Scandal Posture Collar with Cuffs prioritizes both pleasure and safety. The nickel-free iron chains, D-rings, and alloy clasps ensure a non-reactive and hypoallergenic experience, underlining our commitment to providing a quality product for all users.

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