Jets Solid Penis Plug
Jets Solid Penis Plug
Jets Solid Penis Plug
Jets Solid Penis Plug

Jets Solid Penis Plug

Elevate your urethral play with the Jets Solid Penis Plug - stainless steel perfection. Offering comfort, stimulation, and a unique sensation, it's a must-try.

$24.99 AUD

Product Description

Experience the perfect blend of pleasure and precision with the Jets Solid Penis Plug, a masterpiece of stainless steel craftsmanship. This exceptional urethral toy is designed to cater to your deepest desires, offering an exhilarating journey into the world of urethral play.

Measuring a total length of 63mm and an insertable length of 48mm, this solid penis plug strikes the ideal balance between comfort and stimulation. At its slimmest point, it boasts a 5mm width, ensuring an effortless and painless insertion process. As you progress, the plug widens to a satisfying 10mm at its widest point, delivering an exquisite stretch and unmatched pleasure.

What truly sets the Jets Solid Penis Plug apart is the meticulous design and superior quality stainless steel construction. Each detail is carefully considered, guaranteeing an experience like no other. The cold, smooth touch of stainless steel against your skin adds a unique layer of sensation to your playtime.

Are you ready to embrace a new level of urethral stimulation? Don't miss the chance to make the Jets Solid Penis Plug your own. Head to our afterpay shop today and seize the opportunity to explore uncharted territories of pleasure and desire.

Overall length: 63mm

Insertable length: 48mm

Width of slimmest point: 5mm 

Width of widest point: 10mm



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