TeeBee Penis Plug
TeeBee Penis Plug
TeeBee Penis Plug
TeeBee Penis Plug

TeeBee Penis Plug

Embrace exploration with BDStyle TeeBee Penis Plug. Enjoy stretching and dilation sensations as you journey through urethral horizons.

$29.99 AUD

Product Description

Dive into a world of urethral exploration with the BDStyle TeeBee Penis Plug. Designed to take your sensations to new heights, TeeBee is your playful partner in expanding urethral horizons. This unique plug invites you to embrace the thrilling sensations of stretching and dilation as it ventures deep into your tender love channel.

TeeBee's party-loving nature doesn't stop there. As you journey towards the end of the plug, you'll encounter the second tier, adding an extra layer of dilation and excitement. Crafted for both pleasure and adventure, TeeBee promises to be a companion that keeps the exploration alive.


  • Length: 115mm
  • Widest Diameter: 9.8mm

Dare to embark on a new journey of sensations with the TeeBee Penis Plug – an invitation to discover depths of pleasure you've never known before. 

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