Electrastim KIX
Electrastim KIX
Electrastim KIX
Electrastim KIX
Electrastim KIX
Electrastim KIX

Electrastim KIX

ElectraStim KIX - Your entry into electro-stimulation. Discover 7 functions, color-phase LED display, and seamless controls. Elevate your pleasure. Shop now!

$169.99 AUD

Product Description

Embark on a thrilling journey into the world of electro-sex with the ElectraStim KIX, a revolutionary mini electro sex controller designed for beginners. Simplifying the electro-stimulation experience, the KIX is compact, lightweight, and powerful, making it the ideal introductory electro-stimulator for those new to this unique form of pleasure.

The KIX stimulator boasts a single output, perfect for solo or partnered play. What sets it apart is the intensity color spectrum, which replaces traditional numerical levels. As you explore sensations, the KIX transitions smoothly through a spectrum of colors, from cooler tones to warmer, richer hues, offering a visually striking and experimental experience.

Designed to encourage tactile exploration, the touchpad intensity controls provide seamless progression through the levels with a light touch. The lack of numbers promotes experimentation by feel, making the KIX a perfect choice for those new to electro-sex. The stimulator features five pre-programmed patterns, including the innovative "Sweep n Keep" mode, allowing for a wide range of sensations and experiences.

The pocket-sized design with a soft-touch finish adds a discreet touch to your play, while the USB rechargeable feature ensures convenience and eco-friendliness. The KIX includes a set of conductive pads, allowing you to dive into electro-sex right out of the box.

Discover the thrill of electro-sex with the ElectraStim KIX. It's not just a stimulator; it's an invitation to explore, experiment, and elevate your intimate moments.


  • Unique ‘colour-phase’ LED display
  • Single Output
  • Touchpad intensity controls
  • 5 pre-programmed patterns
  • Pocket-sized design with soft-touch finish
  • USB rechargeable – approx. 3 hours continuous play* (depending on intensity)

*prolonged periods of high intensity may reduce this estimate. 

Pack Contents:­­

  • KIX Stimulator
  • Stimulator output cable
  • 2 x self-adhesive electro pads
  • USB charging cable
  • Instructions (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES)
  • Warranty card

*prolonged periods of high intensity may reduce this estimate. 


55mm x 55mm x 17mm thick

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