Electrastim Alcohol Cleansing Wipes
Electrastim Alcohol Cleansing Wipes
Electrastim Alcohol Cleansing Wipes

Electrastim Alcohol Cleansing Wipes

Clean your electro sex toys with ElectraStim Alcohol Cleansing Wipes. Perfect for on-the-go hygiene. Get yours today!

$19.99 AUD

Product Description

Hey there, fellow pleasure-seekers! Get ready to level up your electro play hygiene game with ElectraStim Alcohol Cleansing Wipes. These wipes are the ultimate sidekick for keeping your electro sex toys clean, safe, and ready for action, whether you're at home or on the move.

Imagine this: Each wipe is individually packaged, making them super convenient to carry in your ElectraStim case or stash in your bedside drawer. They're like mini superheroes, ready to swoop in and banish bacteria from your favorite toys.

Specifically formulated for cleaning medical devices—yes, that includes your prized electro sex toy electrodes—these wipes ensure your playthings are germ-free and primed for pleasure. Because who wants unexpected guests at their electrifying party? Not us!

Inside each pack, you'll find 10 neatly wrapped wipes, each bursting with cleaning power. It's the no-fuss, no-mess solution to keeping your toys in top-notch condition.

Here's the kicker: By using these wipes before every play session (trust us, it's worth it), you're not just cleaning your toys—you're enhancing your experience. Follow the manufacturer's instructions (we know you're thorough) to maintain your toys' performance and longevity.

Ready to amp up your electro play with confidence and cleanliness? Grab a pack of ElectraStim Alcohol Cleansing Wipes and get ready to zap away with peace of mind!

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