Serious Bondage Hood with Mouth Zipper Faux Leather

BDStyle, Serious Bondage Hood with Mouth Zipper Faux Leather Lace up Back Design

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This leather hood is serious bondage fun and not for the faint hearted or novices.  Experienced bondage fans will love this leather bondage hood that is sure to excite and titilate when exposed to S&M fantasies.  Team it up with whips, paddles and clamps for the ultimate collar fun and make a gimp out of that sub once and for all.



This bondage mask is in a Faux Leather Style


Available in materials Faux Leather or Leather.


BDStyle is the affordable company that creates premium quality bondage gear for your kinky fetish. We all have kinks, we all have specific fetishes and BDStyle is the company that creates leather and metal toys that caters to your fetish. It might be puppy play, pony play, masters and slaves or even urethral stimulation. Whatever turns you on, BDStyle makes and it’ll keep your wallet happy. Experience sensual bondage and fetish pleasure now