Axe Man Half Mask Leather
Axe Man Half Mask Leather
Axe Man Half Mask Leather

Axe Man Half Mask Leather

Elevate your dominance with the Axe Man Half Mask Leather. Ideal for fetish events and BDSM play, this intricately crafted mask exudes power.

$79.99 AUD

Product Description

Axe Man Half Mask

Unleash your inner dominant persona with the commanding Axe Man Half Mask Leather. This meticulously crafted BDSM mask is an embodiment of power, mystery, and allure, making it a striking addition to any fetish event or bondage gathering.


Inspired by the enigmatic Axe Man archetype, this leather or faux leather hood is a symbol of dominance and authority. Its intricate design features meticulous reinforcement stitching around the eyes, ensuring both comfort and durability during your intense play sessions. The mask laces up at the back, allowing for a custom fit with a generous amount of lacing to accommodate various head sizes.


Whether you're indulging in a private session or participating in a public execution-themed event, the Axe Man Half Mask Leather is designed to captivate attention and invoke a sense of erotic intrigue. With an adjustable fit suitable for foreheads measuring 21" to 23", this hood ensures a snug and comfortable experience.


Choose between genuine leather or high-quality faux leather, each offering a unique texture and sensation to enhance your sensory journey. Elevate your BDSM play and embrace the commanding presence of the Axe Man Half Mask Leather.




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