Hannibal Prison Hood PVC with Punisher Muzzle

BDStyle, Hannibal Prison Hood PVC with Punisher Muzzle, Lockable Head Gear

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Well now this is a bit full on dont you think.  A great bondage fetish hood that is scary to look at.  With mouth rails just like a prisoners so they cannot spit or bit when you inflict your will on your victim.  Hellscouture is the importer of quality leather, PVC and steel products available throughout Australia.


Punisher Muzzle Mask for all types of BDSM...This menacing looking Fetish leather muzzle has a skull-like design. It is held securely in place by 3 straps, 3 lockable chrome buckles....A Submissives Dream or a Masters Delight


Available in PVC or Leather


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