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All You Need To Know About Chastity Devices at BDSM Australia online resource for all things Chastity. Learn more about Chastity Devices, How They Work, What they do at your Bondage Information Site Australia. (read more) Chastity device can refer to chastity belts; they are devices that have been used for a long time to prevent masturbation or sexual intercourse. These devices are designed en-cage the private parts of a person. Historically, Chastity devices were designed only for women to protect them from rape or dissuade them from sexual temptation with their potential partners. The modern days chastity devices are designed for both men and women.
One can definitely consider chastity device for various reason and those purposes are - To acquire chastity device for his or her own purpose like Protection against rape – chastity devices can serve this purpose especially for the female as they are the most affected in such matters. The device will definitely act as a protective guard to the private section of the body and the attacker will not have easy access for intercourse.
Control ones sexual behavior chastity devices provide the option of locking and letting your partner have the key. This will restrain someone from engaging sexual intercourse with other people. It will also be used as orgasm denial device. Well-designed chastity devices will prevent masturbation, What Materials Are Used To Make Chastity Devices?
There are quite a variety of chastity devices you can choose from. This provides you with the option of choosing a device that you will feel very comfortable with. Just to help you out, this section will outline the different materials that the chastity devices are made of.

Majority of the chastity devices are made of metal. Stainless steel is the most commonly used and preferred. First, in terms of security it is considered among the best as they are much harder to escape from in situations. Though they tend to be somehow heavy compared to the other devices, guys prefer that to serve as a reminder of their commitment. Hygienically they are highly rated as they are designed to allow for fresh air and will not hold residue of urine.

Silicone chastity devices are mostly preferred for their flexibility and the fact that it will warm your body temperature. They are somehow lighter in weight even compared to the light polycarbonate devices. One should opt for a device that doesn’t tightly grip the skin as they can cause soreness. In situations the silicon devices can easily be cut with the kitchen scissors.

The plastic polycarbonate chastity devices are liked mostly because they are discreet under thee trousers, they are quite light in weight, and they can be worn for a long time. This type of device can be worn for several months you just need to have a good routine of hygiene and cleanliness. It allows for limits touching, and in case of emergency, a plastic center pin that secures the cage to the ring can be cut with wire cutters.

Leather chastity devices are suited for play exploration and it is a good way for chastity introduction. They are designed with leather straps and stainless metal rings and cage at the end. They can be worn for a while and are removed during bathing. During an emergency situation one can cut the leather straps.

How to Use Chastity Devices
Chastity devices are used according to purpose. Some devices are used for sexual play scenes, like the leather strapped devices. The device has a ring that the user is supposed to fit on the scrotum. The cage is designed to cover the penis. One should ensure that there is no any sign of discomfort at any point. Chastity devices can be design with accordance to your specifications. This will ensure that you get a device that suits you well. The cage should be properly sized and adjusted so as not to damage your genitals, the ring size and spacing is also quite important and so the adjustments should be made accordingly
Mostly the BDSM devices Australia are designed so that the cage and the ring do provide a common place where one can lock. Depending on the purpose of wearing the chastity device, the one to hold the key to your device can be agreed with your partner. Care should be taken especially if the device is to be locked, though it is not quite common complication might occur and one might need to remove the device immediately.
Personal hygiene is so important, and some chastity devices are designed with no drainage hole as they are completely closed at the end. This kind of devices are occasionally used for play sessions to deny touch of one’s penis, however they are not to be worn for a long period of time. Unless you want to use them for play session it is advisable to avoid them.
The human body especially the private part is quite sensitive, one should be very careful in order to avoid infections or other medical complications. Acquiring a chastity device comes with such a responsibility and one needs to know how clean the device. The device should be removed regularly for cleaning; this will stop bacteria from building up. The polycarbonate chastity device builds up foul odor when they are worn for several days non-stop. They are to be removed regularly and cleaned thoroughly with anti-bacterial soap or sextoy cleaner. The stainless steel are most hygienic, they can be removed and get sterilized in boiling water.
It is highly advised that one should consider a chastity device that is completely open ended. This kind of devices do offer the best natural air flow, allow for urination flow without holding urine residue. One can also consider the metal cages or the polycarbonate with plenty of natural ventilation, this type of design prevents the bacteria to build up on the device.
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