Plastic locks for CB-X range
Plastic locks for CB-X range

Plastic locks for CB-X range

Plastic locks for CB-X range - Pack of 10 plastic locks with individual serial numbers.

$24.99 AUD

Product Description

AL Enterprises offers a wide range of plastic locks specifically designed for the CB-X range. These plastic locks are not only compatible with all devices that require padlocks but also provide numerous advantages. One of the key benefits of these plastic locks is their usefulness when it comes to locking chastity belts for traveling. With their reliable locking mechanism, these locks ensure that the wearer's chastity belt remains securely fastened, providing peace of mind during journeys.

The individual serial numbers assigned to each lock serve as a unique identification feature. This means that the wearer can be certain that they are always using the same lock that they started with. The number on the lock essentially becomes the key, adding an extra layer of security and authenticity to the chastity belt experience.

These plastic locks prove to be highly practical for individuals using non-metal chastity devices. The absence of metal in their construction allows them to pass through metal detectors without triggering any alarms or causing unnecessary inconvenience. Whether it's at airports or other security checkpoints, wearers can confidently go through these detectors without any issues.

For those seeking reliable and practical locking solutions for their CB-X range devices, AL Enterprises' plastic locks are the perfect choice. These locks not only ensure the safety and security of chastity belts while traveling but also offer convenience and peace of mind throughout the entire experience.

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