Zero Tolerance Three Amigos
Zero Tolerance Three Amigos

Zero Tolerance Three Amigos

Elevate your pleasure with Zero Tolerance Three Amigos! Buy now for a trio of clear cock rings and explore unique sensations.

$14.99 AUD

Product Description

Three Amigos - A Clear Path to Pleasure and Performance

Experience the ultimate in pleasure and performance with the Zero Tolerance Three Amigos – a set of three clear cock rings designed to bring versatility and excitement to your intimate moments. These rings aren't just accessories; they're your ticket to longer-lasting, harder erections and a variety of sensations that cater to your every desire.

What sets Three Amigos apart is the inclusion of three distinct sizes, offering a clear path to the perfect fit for your unique needs. Whether you prefer a mellow experience or crave a more sensually daring encounter, there's a size to suit every mood and playtime scenario.

Crafted from stretchy and pliable TPE, these chic translucent smoke-colored rings provide a comfortable yet secure fit. The material is not only body-safe but also phthalate and latex-free, prioritizing your safety and pleasure. Dive into a world of unique sensations with the pleasure beads embedded in each ring, delivering a gentle massage for added erotic stimulation.

The Three Amigos come in three sizes, each offering a different level of pleasure:

  • Small: Length: 1.23”, Depth: .34”, Width: 1.23”
  • Medium: Length: 1.33”, Depth: .34”, Width: 1.33”
  • Large: Length: 1.48”, Depth: .37”, Width: 1.48”

Weighing in at just 5.6 grams, these rings are lightweight yet powerful, ensuring a delightful balance between comfort and stimulation. Experiment with each size and discover the unique sensations they offer.

Clean-up is a simple process with Zero Tolerance toy cleaner and a warm water rinse, keeping your Three Amigos in pristine condition for your next adventure.

Elevate your intimate experiences with the Zero Tolerance Three Amigos – purchase your set now and embark on a journey of pleasure and performance.

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