Zero Tolerance Saddle Up
Zero Tolerance Saddle Up
Zero Tolerance Saddle Up
Zero Tolerance Saddle Up
Zero Tolerance Saddle Up

Zero Tolerance Saddle Up

Unleash Pleasure with Zero Tolerance Saddle Up! Waterproof, USB Rechargeable, and Ready for Action. Lasso Yours Today!

$79.99 AUD

Product Description

Howdy folks, it's time to spice up your love life with the Zero Tolerance Saddle Up – the Cadillac of cock rings that's here to take your pleasure to the next frontier! This ain't your grandma's ring; it's a high-tech, pleasure-packed wonder that'll leave you shouting "Yippee ki-yay!"

What makes the Saddle Up stand out in the crowded corral of intimate accessories? Well, partner, it's all about the details. Picture this: a tightening drawstring that ensures a snug fit, a front ring keeping that vibrating shaft in check, and bunny ears delivering vibes so intense, you'll be seeing stars in the daytime.

With dimensions of 14.6 cm in height, 9.7 cm in depth, and 5 cm in width, this ring doesn't discriminate – it's ready to accommodate all sizes of wranglers. But it's not just about size; it's about the seven vibrating speeds and patterns that'll have you saying "Howdy" to a whole new world of pleasure.

Now, let's talk dual motors. Two motors working together to create a symphony of sensation – it's like a honky-tonk for your nether regions. Crafted from phthalate and latex-free silicone and ABS, this pleasure-packed accessory is not only safe but also ready for action whenever you are.

Convenience is key, and the Saddle Up knows it. USB rechargeable with the cable included, this cowboy is always ready to ride. And don't let a little water stop the fun – this bad boy is not just waterproof; it's submersible, making it the perfect companion for aquatic adventures.

Whether you're a lone cowboy or rounding up a partner for a rodeo rendezvous, the Zero Tolerance Saddle Up is your ticket to pleasure paradise. Saddle up, partner, and let the good times roll!

- Height: 14.6 cm, Depth: 9.7 cm, Width: 5 cm
- 7 vibrating speeds & patterns
- 2 motors controlled together
- Made from phthalate & latex-free silicone & ABS
- USB rechargeable, cable included
- Waterproof & submersible

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