Xtreme Adjustable Fuck Machine 2.0
Xtreme Adjustable Fuck Machine 2.0
Xtreme Adjustable Fuck Machine 2.0
Xtreme Adjustable Fuck Machine 2.0

Xtreme Adjustable Fuck Machine 2.0

Elevate pleasure with Brutus Xtreme Fuck Machine 2.0 – unleash desires with powerful thrusts and customizable angles!

$999.99 AUD

Product Description

Xtreme Adjustable Fuck Machine 2.0

Prepare yourself for a sexual odyssey like no other with the Brutus Xtreme Adjustable Fuck Machine 2.0 – a marvel of pleasure engineering that takes the concept of intimacy to unparalleled heights. MOI has outdone itself with the new and improved Xtreme Power Engine 2.0, a fuck machine that stands at the forefront of innovation, strength, and user-friendly design. This isn't just a sex machine; it's an experience that will redefine your understanding of pleasure.

The first thing you'll notice is the stunning new design, a testament to MOI's commitment to continuous improvement. The Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 is not just better; it's stronger and easier to use. It's a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, a piece of pleasure technology that demands attention. The suction cups at the bottom of each foot are a game-changer, allowing this machine to anchor itself to nearly any flat surface your imagination can conjure.

Once secured, the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 doesn't budge. The super-stable heavy-duty frame, coupled with the Xtreme strong suction cups, ensures that this machine stays in place under every circumstance. Your playtime should be about pleasure, not worrying about stability. With the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0, you can focus on more important things – like deciding the speed and power at which you want to be thrilled.

Speed and power are the heartbeats of this machine. Start slow, allowing the rhythmic thrusts to build anticipation, and then gradually increase the intensity. The Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 delivers a thrusting experience that is as gentle or as intense as you desire. It's about giving you control over your pleasure journey, letting you dictate the pace and power of your satisfaction.

Versatility is a key feature of the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0. Adjust its position in two different places to explore an array of angles and depths. A sturdy clip at the base and a rotary knob on top provide easy adjustments, allowing you to customize your experience. This machine is more than just a tool; it's an invitation to get creative and explore the limitless positions and sensations it has to offer.

For those who love to share pleasure with others, the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 offers a detachable option. Easily separate the fuck machine from the heavy-duty frame and wield your own detachable fuck gun. It's an empowering experience, allowing you to take control and pleasure whoever you desire – or whoever desires it. The Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 is not just about solo play; it's about opening doors to shared pleasures.

Equipped with an add-on bar for extra-long barrel length and a lock-compatible system, this machine ensures that whatever attachment you choose to wield at the end stays securely in place. It's a machine designed for durability and reliability, providing Xtreme power that stands up to even the most passionate encounters.

Beyond its powerful performance, the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 arrives in eye-catching packaging that befits its status as the pinnacle of fuck machine technology. The strongest, easiest to use, most versatile, and best-looking Fuck Machine available now, this beast of a machine promises an experience that transcends expectations.

In addition to its formidable performance, the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 comes with a super soft realistic dildo dong, adding an extra layer of pleasure to your experience. It's a thoughtful addition that further enhances the sensory delights of this extraordinary machine.

In a world where pleasure is personal and diverse, the Brutus Xtreme Adjustable Fuck Machine 2.0 stands as a beacon of pleasure, beckoning you to explore and indulge. It's more than a machine; it's an investment in your pleasure journey, a companion that adapts to your desires, and a testament to the heights pleasure can reach.

Embark on this journey of sexual discovery with the Xtreme Power Engine 2.0 – where power meets pleasure, versatility knows no bounds, and satisfaction reaches new heights. It's time to experience the Xtreme difference.


  • Very strong suction cups for all smooth surfaces
  • Compatible with HUNG and Lock Systems
  • Eye-catching packaging
  • Includes super soft realistic dildo dong

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