White Wedding Kit
White Wedding Kit
White Wedding Kit
White Wedding Kit
White Wedding Kit

White Wedding Kit

Say "I Do" to passion with Pipedream's White Wedding Kit. Enhance intimacy with vibes, sleeves, and more!

$109.99 AUD

Product Description

Experience the epitome of romantic indulgence with the Pipedream Products White Wedding Kit – an enchanting collection designed to elevate special nights of passion and celebrate the art of lovemaking. This kit transcends the ordinary, offering an array of intimate treasures that promise to make your wedding nights unforgettable and your commitment to pleasure everlasting.

A Symphony of Pleasure:

The White Wedding Kit is more than just a set of intimate accessories; it's a symphony of pleasure carefully orchestrated to enhance your romantic journey. From tantalizing vibes to sensual sleeves, each item in this collection has been chosen to ignite passion and elevate the connection between partners.

Included in the White Wedding Kit:

  1. Waterproof Multi-Speed Vibe: Submerge yourself in pleasure with this versatile vibrator designed for aquatic adventures. Whether shared in the shower or the intimacy of your bedroom, its multi-speed settings ensure a tailored experience.

  2. Multi-Speed Bullet: Compact and powerful, the bullet adds a touch of intensity to your play. Its discreet size makes it perfect for targeted stimulation, allowing you to explore new realms of pleasure.

  3. Engaging Cockring: Elevate pleasure for both partners with the engaging cockring, designed to enhance and prolong intimate moments. It's a symbol of commitment to shared pleasure and intimate connection.

  4. Anal Beads: Discover the thrill of anal play with the included anal beads. Graduated in size for a gradual and pleasurable experience, they add a new dimension to your exploration.

  5. Rabbit Sleeve: A versatile sleeve that transforms the waterproof vibe into a rabbit-style vibrator, offering dual stimulation for a truly indulgent experience.

  6. Duo-Tone Balls: Strengthen and enhance your intimate muscles with the duo-tone balls. Their subtle movements provide pleasurable sensations while contributing to pelvic health.

  7. Penis Sleeve: Explore new sensations with the penis sleeve, adding texture and excitement to intimate moments. Its unique design invites creativity and variety into your play.

  8. Glow Love Dice: Roll the dice and let fate guide your intimate moments. The glow-in-the-dark design adds a playful element to your exploration, making each encounter a surprise.

  9. Feather Tickler: Introduce the sensual allure of feather tickling to your play. A gentle touch that heightens sensitivity and adds an element of anticipation.

  10. Couples Coupon Book: A delightful addition to the kit, the couples coupon book offers a range of intimate activities and experiences, ensuring that the celebration of pleasure extends beyond the bedroom.

  11. White Satin Love Mask: Indulge in sensory exploration with the white satin love mask. It adds an element of mystery and heightens other senses during intimate play.

  12. 3 Assorted 10ml Tubes: Enhance your sensory experience with the assortment of lubricants provided. Whether for added comfort or heightened pleasure, these tubes complement the kit's offerings.

Endless Possibilities, Enduring Pleasure:

The White Wedding Kit isn't just a collection of intimate accessories; it's an embodiment of commitment to pleasure, exploration, and shared ecstasy. The possibilities are as endless as your commitment to each other. Whether you're a newlywed or celebrating years of love, this kit invites you to explore, indulge, and create lasting memories.

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