Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle
Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle
Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle
Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle

Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle

Unlock new dimensions of pleasure with the Vibrating Urethral Wand. Elevate your desires - shop now and indulge in intense satisfaction!

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Product Description

Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle


Introducing the thrilling exploration of urethral play with the Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle from Hell's Couture. This exquisite wand is not for the faint-hearted but rather for those who seek an electrifying experience that transcends boundaries. With a practical handle design, this vibrating wand offers both convenience and intense pleasure as it navigates your urethral passages.

Imagine the titillating sensation as you guide this sleek wand with precision, discovering the hidden erogenous zones within. Crafted for those who dare to venture into new realms of sensual delight, this vibrating wand promises an unforgettable journey of sensory discovery. Feel the pulsations course through your most sensitive areas, sending waves of pleasure throughout your body.

Designed with your comfort in mind, the Vibrating Urethral Wand features graduated teardrop widths of 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm to cater to your desires and experience level. The overall length of 228mm ensures ample room for exploration, while the insertable length of 155mm grants deep-reaching satisfaction. The attached handle, measuring 73mm, provides a secure grip for seamless manipulation, ensuring that your experience is as pleasurable as it is daring.

As part of Hell's Couture commitment to quality and safety, this vibrating urethral wand is crafted from 100% Non-Magnate medical-grade steel. Beware of imitations that compromise on material quality. Elevate your playtime with a product that meets the highest standards, promising both exhilaration and peace of mind.

Approximate Measurements

Teardrop Widths:  8mm / 10mm / 12mm

Overall Length: 228mm

Insertable length: 155mm

Handle Length: 73mm

Teardrop Length: 34mm


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