Traverse Penis Wand
Traverse Penis Wand
Traverse Penis Wand

Traverse Penis Wand

Experience kinky sensations and sensory play with the Traverse Penis Wand. Buy online for a new level of pleasure.

$24.99 AUD

Product Description

Exciting sensations of the BDStyle Traverse Penis Wand, a slim and thrilling urethral toy designed to take you on a journey of pleasure. This penis wand features undulating peaks and valleys that will amaze and delight the urethra, delivering intense stimulation like never before.

Measuring 12.5cm in length and 0.6cm in width, this sleek and slender penis wand offers a comfortable and satisfying fit for beginners and experienced users alike. The small stopper at the end adds a unique twist to the experience, enhancing the pleasure and providing a secure feeling during use.

Experience the pleasure of beaded and undulating sensations as you insert this penis wand, allowing it to explore the depths of your urethra and awaken new erogenous zones. Made from top-quality materials, this solid urethral plug ensures safety and comfort throughout your playtime.

Whether you're new to urethral play or a seasoned enthusiast, the BDStyle Traverse Penis Wand is sure to impress with its exquisite design and incredible sensations. Embrace the exploration of your deepest desires with this delightful and stimulating penis wand from BDStyle.


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