Total Lockdown Hood
Total Lockdown Hood

Total Lockdown Hood

Explore the world of extreme sensory deprivation with BDStyle's Total Lockdown Hood. This BDSM headgear allows you to control sight, hearing, and speech.

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Product Description

Bug-Eyed Lockdown Hood With Penis Gag

BDStyle Total Lockdown Hood is Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this headgear is designed to take your BDSM play to the next level. It's perfect for those who crave extreme sensory deprivation and total restriction.

Constructed from high-quality faux leather, this hood not only looks enticing but also feels comfortable against the skin. The padding around the ears ensures that your submissive will hear only muffled sounds, intensifying their anticipation. Every whisper, every touch, and every sensation will become a tantalizing secret.

One of the remarkable features of this hood is the bug-eyed design, which includes three strategically placed holes for eyes and mouth. These openings offer you the flexibility to decide just how much your partner can see and speak. For even more sensory control, an optional blindfold is included, ensuring that your every move remains a surprise.

The pièce de résistance of this hood is the penis-shaped gag. It effectively silences your submissive, leaving them speechless and at your mercy. Fill their mouth with this erotic accessory and watch as they surrender to your desires.

Customization is key with the Total Lockdown Hood. Both the eye and mouth holes, as well as the gag, are adjustable using locking buckles. This ensures a secure fit and total restriction. The collar is also adjustable and features a locking buckle, providing you with the ability to control the tightness to your liking. It boasts three sturdy D-rings for attaching leashes or other BDSM devices, allowing you to further dominate your partner.

The lacing at the back of the hood is the finishing touch, enabling you to tighten or loosen the fit as needed. This level of customization ensures that your partner will experience total lockdown in comfort and style.

Whether you're an experienced BDSM enthusiast or just beginning to explore the world of sensory play, the BDStyle Total Lockdown Hood is an exceptional addition to your collection. Embrace the thrill of total restriction and intensify your BDSM experiences with this incredible hood.


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