Steel Uberkinky Sphere Butt Plug
Steel Uberkinky Sphere Butt Plug

Steel Uberkinky Sphere Butt Plug

Elevate your pleasure game with the Steel Uberkinky Sphere Butt Plug from Hell's Couture. Discover pure pleasure with cheeky sophistication.

$45.00 AUD

Product Description

 Steel Uberkinky Butt Plug

Hell's Couture Steel Uberkinky Sphere Butt Plug - Cheeky by Design

Introducing the Steel Uberkinky Sphere Butt Plug – the butt plug with a name that's as legendary as the pleasure it delivers. This mischievous little number has been turning heads and satisfying desires for generations. Crafted with a highly polished stainless steel finish, it's not just a pleasure device; it's a work of art that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to other, more intimate, parts of your body.

Stretching Expectations

Get ready for a gradual and gentle stretch as you insert the Classic Steel Butt Plug. It's like a surprise party for your anus! As the plug finds its place, your heart will skip a beat as the diameter increases to a tantalizing 2.8cm at the widest point, offering an experience that's pure pleasure from start to finish.

Hold on Tight

Worried about your prized plug going on an adventure of its own? Fear not, for the flared base ensures it stays put, no matter how wild the ride gets. Whether you're an insertable jewelry enthusiast or a seasoned anal adventurer, this stainless steel butt plug is a must-have.

Lubricant Playground

One of the perks of this cheeky plug is its compatibility with any lubricant. But why stop there? Explore the world of temperature play by warming or cooling the butt plug in a bowl of warm or ice-cold water. Want to turn up the heat? Add a touch of warming lubricant for an experience that'll leave you hot under the collar.

Shapes to Please

But wait, there's more! The Uberkinky Sphere Butt Plug isn't just about one shape; it offers two delightful options. Choose between the smooth, spherical Sphere Shape or the edgier Squared Off Shape. It's like a menu of pleasure – take your pick!

Measurements That Matter

For those who like to get down to the specifics, here they are: an overall length of 110mm, an insertable length of 100mm, and a width of 28mm. These measurements aren't just numbers; they're the keys to unlocking a world of pleasure and play.

Get Cheeky Today

Are you ready to embrace the cheekiness and pleasure that only the Hell's Couture Steel Uberkinky Sphere Butt Plug can deliver? Order yours now and get ready to redefine cheeky satisfaction!



Overall Length: 110mm

Insertable Length: 100mm

Width: 28mm

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