Steel Thai Beads
Steel Thai Beads
Steel Thai Beads
Steel Thai Beads
Steel Thai Beads

Steel Thai Beads

Ready for a hilarious twist on anal play? Hell's Couture Steel Thai Beads will have you rolling with laughter as you explore your desires.

$74.99 AUD

Product Description

Hell's Couture Steel Thai Beads - Fondue Night with a Twist

If you thought fondue night was all about cheese and chocolate, think again! Hell's Couture Steel Thai Beads are here to spice up your evenings, providing a unique twist to your favorite party pastime. Get ready for a hilariously unforgettable experience that'll have you craving more than just fondue.

Laughter in Every Size

Our Steel Thai Beads feature five incrementally sized balls that promise to keep you entertained and laughing throughout your playtime. The convenient handle ensures you maintain a firm grip on the situation, making these beads perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes into the world of anal play. But don't be fooled; even the most experienced pleasure-seekers will find these beads a delightful surprise. After all, in the world of anal play, a vivid imagination is your best companion!

Precisely Designed for Your Amusement

For those who like their laughter measured, here are the specs: a total length of 156mm, a smallest ball diameter of 20mm, and a largest ball diameter of 33mm. These beads aren't just for fun; they're precision-crafted to tickle your funny bone and other, shall we say, interesting places!

Serious Quality for Seriously Good Times

While we're all about the laughs, we take quality seriously. Hell's Couture Steel Thai Beads are designed to provide you with a safe and entertaining experience. These beads aren't your average party trick; they're built to last and crafted with precision.

Endless Fun, Infinite Possibilities

Whether you're hosting a fondue soirée for friends or having a private comedy show, these Steel Thai Beads offer endless possibilities for playful exploration. Elevate your gatherings, create your own punchlines, or simply immerse yourself in the delightful world of pleasure and humor.

Your New Playtime Partner

Hell's Couture Steel Thai Beads aren't just anal beads; they're your new playtime partners, ready to bring laughter and pleasure into your life. Say goodbye to inhibitions, embrace the giggles, and unlock a world of pleasure that will leave you wanting more.

Time to Laugh and Play

Don't miss out on the most amusing twist to fondue night. Order Hell's Couture Steel Thai Beads today and get ready to add a hilarious new dimension to your evening!

Approximate Measurements

Length: 156mm

Smallest Ball Diameter: 20mm

Largest Ball Diameter: 33mm

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