Stay Hard Nutz - Red Set Of 2
Stay Hard Nutz - Red Set Of 2
Stay Hard Nutz - Red Set Of 2

Stay Hard Nutz - Red Set Of 2

Elevate pleasure with Stay Hard Nutz Red Set of 2. Increase stamina, enjoy harder erections. Buy now for unforgettable intimate moments!

$14.99 AUD

Product Description

Stay Hard Nutz - Red Set Of 2

Unlock a world of pleasure with the Stay Hard Nutz - Red Set of 2, meticulously crafted by Blush Novelties for those who seek a superior intimate experience. These soft and stretchy C-rings are designed to provide long-lasting pleasure, enhancing stamina and ensuring harder erections.

The super-stretchy yet durable construction of the Stay Hard Nutz sets them apart, offering both comfort and functionality. Whether you choose to wear one around the base of the shaft or both rings simultaneously – around the shaft and balls – you're in for a ride of heightened pleasure.

The strength of the rings lies in the tear-resistant Elastomer material, providing the perfect balance for those seeking endurance and stimulation. The Stay Hard Nutz are more than accessories; they are tools for elevating your intimate performance.

Crafted from premium TPE, these rings are not only body-safe but also free from phthalates, fragrances, paraffins, and latex. Easy to clean, the Stay Hard Nutz offer a hassle-free way to enhance your pleasure without compromising on safety.

With a 4.3 cm outer diameter for each ring, this set is versatile and accommodating. Elevate your intimate experiences with the Stay Hard Nutz - Red Set of 2, where quality, comfort, and pleasure converge seamlessly.

- ENHANCE - Increase Stamina & Enjoy Harder Erections
- STRENGTH - Strong, Tear-Resistant Elastomer
- 2-PACK - Includes 2 Soft and Stretchy Cock Rings: Wear One or Both Together!
- PEACE OF MIND - Made from TPE. Contains No Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins, or Latex
- SIZE - 4.3 cm Outer Diameter (Each Ring)

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