Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit
Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit
Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit
Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit

Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit

Maximize your pleasure journey with the Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit. Unleash excitement, explore boundaries, and experience ecstasy. Ready to play? Shop now!

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Product Description

Dive into Urethral Bliss with the Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit!

Welcome to the world of urethral stimulation made easy and exciting! Crafted by Sport Fucker, this kit is your passport to a thrilling journey into the art of sounding. Perfect for beginners, we've carefully curated this set to ensure a comfortable and exhilarating experience.

Unlock the secrets of urethral pleasure with this all-in-one kit, complete with essential tools for a satisfying adventure. Each sound in the kit boasts a hollow, flexible core and is made from super-smooth medical-grade silicone, guaranteeing both safety and flexibility. The large flange base ensures a secure grip, providing peace of mind as you dive into this unique and intriguing world.

The Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit features two medical-grade silicone sounds, strategically designed for your progression. Start with the slightly thinner sound, easing your way into the experience. Gradually, explore the thicker sound at your own pace or share the adventure with a curious partner for an intimate connection like never before.

The "Thin" sound, measuring 5.1 cm, is equipped with an internal hole of 2.25mm, a shaft of 4mm, and a ridge of 6.25mm. The flange base, at 15.35mm, ensures a secure hold during play. On the other hand, the "Thick" sound, also 5.1 cm, features a bump of 8mm, a center of 6.35mm, an internal hole of 3.4mm, and the same reliable flange base for stability.

Embark on a journey of new sensations with the Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit. Elevate your exploration and embrace the pleasures of urethral play in the most exciting and secure way possible. Ready to experience bliss? Dive in now!

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