Silicone Vibration Sex Ring
Silicone Vibration Sex Ring
Silicone Vibration Sex Ring
Silicone Vibration Sex Ring

Silicone Vibration Sex Ring

Explore BDStyle's range of Silicone Vibration Cock Rings and enhance your intimate moments. Discover the perfect sex enhancer ring for couples and solo pleasure.

$19.99 AUD

Product Description

Discover unparalleled pleasure and intensified sensations with the BDStyle Silicone Vibration Sex Ring, a vibrating cock ring designed to elevate your intimate encounters and create electrifying moments of pleasure.

Also known as a sex enhancer ring or penis ring, this sex toy is expertly crafted from a soft and stretchy material, such as silicone or rubber, offering a comfortable and secure fit around the base of the penis or the penis and testicles. The integrated small vibrator delivers delightful vibrations that will leave you and your partner yearning for more.

In an elegant gray color, the BDStyle Silicone Vibration Sex Ring exudes sophistication and allure, adding a touch of excitement to your intimate moments. With a size of 7 * 5 cm (2.8" * 2.0") and a net weight of 28 g (0.06 lb/0.99 oz), it provides a perfect fit that complements your unique anatomy.

Powered by a cell battery, this vibrating cock ring guarantees intense and pleasurable vibrations, enhancing your pleasure and creating unforgettable moments of ecstasy. The waterproof feature allows for exciting water play, adding versatility to your intimate experiences.

Whether you're new to vibrating cock rings or a seasoned enthusiast, the BDStyle Silicone Vibration Sex Ring promises an exceptional experience. Embrace the allure of sex cock rings, explore the world of cock and ball toys, and elevate your pleasure with this exceptional product. Get ready to create unforgettable memories and experience heightened pleasure with this captivating accessory.

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