Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer
Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer
Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer

Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer

Upgrade pleasure with the Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer. Comfortable fit, intense vibrations. Order now for an elevated intimate experience!

$39.99 AUD

Product Description

Elevate your intimate experiences with the California Exotics Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer, a state-of-the-art pleasure accessory designed to redefine pleasure and support. This premium silicone enhancer ring introduces a new level of comfort and functionality, ensuring that your pleasure remains the central focus of your intimate moments.

Crafted from top-quality silicone, this enhancer ring is not just an accessory; it's a commitment to your satisfaction. The stretchy and comfortable support system provides a secure and personalized fit, eliminating the frustrations often associated with poorly fitting cock rings. With the Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer, every encounter becomes an opportunity for unparalleled pleasure without any discomfort.

The true marvel of this product lies in its removable wireless stimulator, featuring intense vibrations that send waves of pleasure throughout your erogenous zones. Whether you're indulging in intimate moments with your partner or exploring solo play, the sensations provided by the removable bullet will leave you craving more. It's a game-changer, adding a layer of stimulation that transforms ordinary encounters into extraordinary experiences.

But the excitement doesn't end there—the versatility of this toy is unmatched. When not serving as an enhancer, the removable bullet becomes a versatile tool for clitoral, nipple, or body play, unlocking a world of possibilities for exploration and pleasure. This multi-functional approach makes the Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer a must-have in your collection, offering a range of experiences within one compact and discreet package.

Step into a realm of boundless pleasure with the California Exotics Silicone Lovers Gear Enhancer. It seamlessly combines the benefits of an enhancer ring, silicone ring, testicle ring, and ball support in one comprehensive package. Redefine your intimate moments with this sensational addition, ensuring that pleasure and support go hand in hand for an unforgettable experience.

Measurements: 2.75” x 1.75”/7 cm x 4.5 cm

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