Sex & Mischief Beginners Handcuffs
Sex & Mischief Beginners Handcuffs
Sex & Mischief Beginners Handcuffs
Sex & Mischief Beginners Handcuffs

Sex & Mischief Beginners Handcuffs

Elevate your playtime with Sex & Mischief Beginners Handcuffs. Buy now for comfort, style, and a touch of cheeky restraint!

$24.99 AUD

Product Description

Listen up, fellow explorers of pleasure and newcomers to the world of cuffs – we present to you the Sex & Mischief Beginners Handcuffs, where restraint meets relaxation, and BDSM gets a cozy makeover.

Let's get down to brass tacks (or should we say, nickel-free metal tacks?). These cuffs are not your typical wrist-huggers; they're the lightweight, soft-as-a-cloud wonders your playtime has been missing. Ideal for beginners who want to dip their toes into the tantalizing waters of bondage without feeling like they've entered a hardware store.

Adjusting these cuffs is a piece of cake, thanks to the Velcro closures. No complicated knots or escape artist skills required – just wrap, press, and play. And speaking of play, the nickel-free metal closures mean you can focus on the pleasure without worrying about unwanted marks.


  • 2 soft Velboa cuffs with the easiest Velcro closures in town
  • 2 snap link connectors for all your linking fantasies
  • Nickel-free hardware because safety isn't just a slogan


  • Velboa fabric – for a touch softer than a kitten's paw
  • Velcro – making adjustments a breeze
  • Polypropylene webbing – because strength is sexy
  • Nickel-free metal hardware – keeping it safe, always
  • Polyester binding – because style matters, even in restraint

Now, let's talk colors. Red, Black, and Purple – because your wrists deserve to be wrapped in the hues of pleasure. So, whether you're a rookie in the realm of bondage or a seasoned player looking for comfort, the Sex & Mischief Beginners Handcuffs are here to make your playtime softer, snugger, and sassier.

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