Seven Creations Squeeze Clean
Seven Creations Squeeze Clean

Seven Creations Squeeze Clean

Elevate your hygiene game with the Seven Creations Squeeze Clean – unisex, efficient, and ready for action. Click to buy now!

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Product Description

Greetings, cleanliness crusaders and hygiene heroes! Prepare to be amazed by the Seven Creations Squeeze Clean Unisex Douche – the game-changer in intimate cleansing that's about to make your bathroom the center stage of freshness.

Let's talk about this powerhouse of cleanliness – it's unisex, catering to all genders. Because, let's face it, everyone deserves a royal treatment when it comes to intimate hygiene. The Squeeze Clean is your ticket to a thorough and satisfying clean, no matter your plumbing.

Now, about those nozzle holes – not one, not two, but three! It's like a symphony of freshness, ensuring that every corner gets the attention it deserves. We believe in equality, even when it comes to cleanliness.

This ain't your average enema setup – the Squeeze Clean boasts a medical-style design, making it the superhero in your hygiene routine. It's like having Dr. Cleanliness on call, ready to deliver a dose of freshness to your most delicate areas.

Crafted with a smooth TPR covering, this isn't just a douche; it's a pampering session for your nether regions. Because why settle for anything less than a spa-like experience for your intimate parts? With a water capacity of 190ml, it's got the strength to tackle any cleansing mission you throw its way.

Made from a delightful blend of TPR, Silicone, and ABS plastic, the Squeeze Clean is the tri-material masterpiece that's not just efficient but also durable. At 23 cm in length, it's your trusty hygiene sidekick, always ready for action.

Now, let's talk about using this hygiene hero. The directions are as straightforward as your favorite rom-com plot – relax, insert, and let the Squeeze Clean do its thing. It's like a choreographed routine, but for your intimate hygiene.

Cleaning? Couldn't be simpler. Wash it in warm, soapy water, rinse, and let the nozzle hang downward to dry. It's practically self-sufficient, leaving you with more time for the things that truly matter – like enjoying your newfound freshness!

Ready to transform your bathroom into a hygiene haven? Click to buy the Seven Creations Squeeze Clean now and let the cleanliness carnival begin. Because when it comes to intimate hygiene, why settle for anything less than the best?

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