ScreamingO Vibroman
ScreamingO Vibroman
ScreamingO Vibroman
ScreamingO Vibroman

ScreamingO Vibroman

Elevate pleasure with Vibroman—the ultimate starter kit with vibrating tongue, fingertip, and package. Easy, disposable, and travel-friendly fun for couples!

$34.99 AUD

Product Description

Screaming O Vibroman

Introducing the Vibroman—the cock ring that's not just here to vibrate; it's here to tickle your funny bone and turn your intimate moments into a comedy special! Forget the ordinary; let's dive into the extraordinary world of pleasure and laughter with the ultimate starter kit that will leave you both in stitches (of joy!).

Imagine this: your man, equipped with a tongue that's now a certified sex toy. His fingertip? A pleasure wand that knows exactly where the magic happens. And his full package? Oh, get ready for vibrations that will have him saying, "Honey, did you slip a DJ into our bedroom?"

But the Vibroman isn't just about turning him into a walking, talking vibrator. It's about doing it with style, humor, and a stretchy, one-size-fits-most design that turns the ordinary into an upgrade extravaganza. It's like giving him a superhero cape, only this one vibrates.

Now, let's talk about the disposable and travel-friendly nature of the Vibroman. Take it home, take it on vacation, and take it wherever laughter and pleasure beckon. The Vibroman is not just a pleasure enhancer; it's a pleasure accomplice that knows how to keep secrets.

Features? Oh, the Vibroman has features that will have you both raising eyebrows and rolling on the floor in laughter. Upgrade your man with the ultimate sex toy starter kit. Turn his tongue into a sex toy. Put pleasure at his fingertips. Make his package vibrate. It's like turning your bedroom into a comedy club, and he's the headliner.

But here's the twist—the Vibroman isn't just easy to use; it's fun to try! Experiment with the various ways to unleash its vibrating magic, and soon you'll find yourself laughing, giggling, and wondering why all pleasure toys don't come with a built-in comedy routine.

So, why settle for a run-of-the-mill cock ring when you can upgrade with humor and pleasure? The Vibroman is not just a starter kit; it's a laughter-infused journey into pleasure that will have you both reaching for tissues—to wipe away tears of joy. Try it, laugh together, and upgrade your pleasure game with the Screaming O Vibroman.


Upgrade your man with the ultimate sex toy starter kit

Turn his tongue into a sex toy!

Put pleasure at his fingertips!

Make his package vibrate!

Disposable, discreet and travel friendly

Easy to use & fun to try!

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