Scandal Submissive Kit
Scandal Submissive Kit
Scandal Submissive Kit
Scandal Submissive Kit
Scandal Submissive Kit

Scandal Submissive Kit

Explore intimacy with the Scandal Submissive Kit. Shop now for a collection of versatile accessories designed for boundless pleasure and trust!

$109.99 AUD

Product Description

Dive into a world of sensual exploration and boundless pleasure with the California Exotics Scandal Submissive Kit—a comprehensive set that transforms your intimate moments into a symphony of submission and desire. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this kit is not just an assortment of accessories; it's an invitation to embark on a journey of pleasure, trust, and heightened sensations.

Blindfold for Anticipation:

The Scandal Submissive Kit begins with a stretch-to-fit blindfold, an essential accessory for heightening anticipation and intensifying the sensory experience. As the blindfold envelops you or your partner in darkness, the other senses become more acute, turning every touch, whisper, and caress into a tantalizing mystery. The soft, comfortable pads ensure that even as you're immersed in the thrill of the moment, your comfort remains a priority.

Dual-Sided Collar with Detachable Leash:

Take control or surrender it willingly with the dual-sided collar featuring a universal buckle closure and a detachable leash. The collar is fully adjustable up to 10.5 inches (26.75cm) with a universal D-ring, providing the perfect fit for your submissive fantasies. The detachable leash allows your dominant to guide you through a world of pleasure, adding an element of control and exploration to your play.

Heavy-Duty Metal Chain and Universal Nipple Clasp:

The Scandal Submissive Kit introduces a heavy-duty metal chain with a universal nipple clasp—an exquisite blend of restraint and arousal. The cold, unyielding metal against the warmth of the skin adds a thrilling contrast, heightening the intensity of every touch. The universal nipple clasp ensures a secure grip, making each gentle pull or firm tug a symphony of pleasure.

Adjustable and Detachable Multi-Use Clamps:

Explore the delightful sensation of restraint with the inclusion of two fully adjustable and detachable multi-use clamps. These clamps can be expertly adjusted to suit your desired level of intensity, making them versatile tools for nipple play, clitoral stimulation, or any other erogenous zone that craves attention. The detachable design allows you to customize your experience, adding or removing them as the moment demands.

Totally Adjustable Cuffs for Wrists or Ankles:

The Scandal Submissive Kit caters to every aspect of your desire with totally adjustable cuffs that can be used on wrists or ankles. The universal clasps and D-rings with a swivel design ensure flexibility and ease of use, allowing you to experiment with various positions and scenarios. The non-tarnishing, nickel-free design ensures both durability and a sleek aesthetic.

Boundless Possibilities and Exploration:

With the Scandal Submissive Kit, the possibilities for exploration are as vast as your imagination. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of BDSM, this kit provides the tools to navigate the realms of submission, pleasure, and intimacy. It's not just an assortment of accessories; it's a curated collection that invites you to push boundaries, build trust, and embrace the deliciously scandalous world of kink.

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