Scandal Bicep Restraint
Scandal Bicep Restraint
Scandal Bicep Restraint
Scandal Bicep Restraint

Scandal Bicep Restraint

Explore new heights of intimacy with Scandal Bicep Restraint. Shop online for the perfect balance of comfort and restraint.

$44.99 AUD

Product Description

Sensual Symphony: Unleashing Desire with the Scandal Bicep Restraint

Immerse yourself in the world of intimate surrender with the Scandal Bicep Restraint by California Exotics, a seductive masterpiece designed to awaken the senses and elevate your most intimate moments. As you indulge in the embrace of this bondage accessory, discover the exquisite balance between restraint and comfort, desire and submission.

The Dance of Submission: The Scandal Bicep Restraint orchestrates a dance of submission, tethering the submissive's arms to their sides, allowing only the movement of their elbows. This controlled restriction adds a layer of intensity to every touch, every whisper, as you willingly hand over control to your dominant. Feel the anticipation build as you surrender, knowing that every bound movement is a manifestation of your shared desires.

Luscious Comfort, Irresistible Control: As your arms are gently but firmly secured, the interior of the restraint cradles you in luscious comfort. The perfectly soft and cushy texture ensures that even as you twist and squirm for your lover's touch, you remain in a state of sensuous ease. The exterior, adorned with the iconic red and black fabric of the Scandal Collection, enhances the visual allure, accentuating every curve and contour of your bound figure.

For the Dominant's Delight: For the dominant, the sight of your lover bound in the Scandal Bicep Restraint is nothing short of irresistible. The gorgeous red and black fabric becomes a canvas, highlighting every inch of their body, now yours to explore and enjoy. Adjust the restraint to your desires—bind their arms loosely and revel in the tactile pleasure of their hands on your body, or secure them tightly, taking complete control of their pleasure. The power to elicit pleasure is now in your hands.

Trust, Pleasure, and Total Control: No matter the mood, the Scandal Bicep Restraint introduces a rush of intensity, fostering a sense of trust as you surrender to the whims of your lover. Every kiss, every pinch, every hot whisper becomes an electric jolt of pleasure, experienced in a whole new way. Lie back, lose yourself in the moment, and let the Scandal Bicep Restraint heighten your senses and deepen the connection between you and your partner.


  • Cuffs Circumference: 17" / 42cm
  • Strap Circumference: 16.5" / 43.25cm

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