S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger
S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger
S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger
S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger
S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger

S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger

Illuminate your intimate moments with the S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger. Buy now and infuse glamour into your pleasure!

$29.99 AUD

Product Description

Hello, pleasure enthusiasts! Get ready to turn up the heat in your bedroom with the S&M Amor Sparkle Flogger – a dazzling masterpiece designed to infuse glamour and passion into every intimate encounter.

Imagine a scenario where desire takes center stage, illuminated by the sparkling rhinestones that wrap around the handle of this extraordinary flogger. As you run your fingers over the captivating rhinestones, you'll feel a sense of anticipation, a promise of the pleasure that awaits.

The red vegan leather, soft and enticing, extends into 33 cm long falls, becoming the medium through which desire is expressed. With every impact, the falls create a symphony of sensations, leaving you enchanted and longing for the next electrifying strike.

The Amor Sparkle Flogger isn't just a tool for impact play; it's an experience that transcends the ordinary. Picture yourself confidently wielding the flogger, the convenient wrist loop ensuring secure handling as you explore the boundaries of pleasure with your partner.

Crafted from a blend of PU leather, aluminum, glass, and polypropylene, this flogger is not only glamorous but also durable. The red color, a symbol of passion, creates an ambiance of intensity and excitement, setting the stage for a journey into pleasure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Elevate your intimate connections, embrace the allure of the rhinestones, and lose yourself in the dance of desire with the Amor Sparkle Flogger. It's not just a tool; it's an expression of passion, a celebration of pleasure that will leave you craving more.

- Captivating Rhinestone Wrapped Handle
- Enamoring Red Vegan Leather with Wrist Loop
- 33 cm Long Vegan Leather Falls

Material: PU Leather / Aluminum / Glass / Polypropylene
Colour: Red

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