Rosebuds Whipbud
Rosebuds Whipbud
Rosebuds Whipbud

Rosebuds Whipbud

Rosebuds Whipbud is a best whip with attached butt plug made of stainless steel 303 and bronze BR10, leather whip is made of lashes

Lingerie Size
$164.00 AUD

Product Description

Sensual Whispers: Rosebuds Whipbud Unleashed

Experience the extraordinary with Rosebuds Whipbud, an uncommon whip that transcends boundaries. Crafted with long leather whip-lashes, it seamlessly blends the art of whipping, caressing, and exploring your most intimate desires. Immerse yourself in unparalleled sensual enjoyment as this unique creation ignites passion and elevates your intimate moments. The fusion of metal stainless steel 303, bronze BR10, and leather whip-lashes ensures a mesmerizing experience.

Designed with medium sizing, the Rosebuds Whipbud boasts dimensions of 22.83 inches in width, ø1.18 inches in diameter, and a weight of 7.97 ounces. Dive into sensations with a penetrating length of 2.40 inches and a diameter of ø1.18 inches. Indulge in the artistry of pleasure as you embrace the unmatched allure of Rosebuds Whipbud.

Metal Stainless steel 303
Bronze BR10

Leather whip-lashes


Medium sizing
Width 22,83inch - ø1,18inch - 7.97oz
Penetrating 2,40inch - ø1,18inch


Extra Large Sizing 
Width 24,02inch - ø1,57inch - 17oz
Penetrating 3,31inch - ø1,57inch

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