Rockets Butt Plug In Steel
Rockets Butt Plug In Steel
Rockets Butt Plug In Steel
Rockets Butt Plug In Steel

Rockets Butt Plug In Steel

Explore the universe of pleasure with the Rockets Butt Plug in Steel by Hell's Couture. Made from medical-grade steel for an out-of-this-world experience.

$50.00 AUD

Product Description

 Rockets Butt Plug In Steel 

Introducing the Hell's Couture Rockets Butt Plug in Steel - the perfect fusion of intergalactic pleasure and down-to-earth comfort! If you're an adventurous avid anal fan, prepare for a ride that'll have jaws dropping and pants defying gravity. This little rocket may look cute, but it packs a serious punch, propelling your sexual experience into orgasmic space like a NASA launch.

Crafted from surgical stainless steel, the Rockets Butt Plug is not your average anal toy. It's as comfortable as your favorite recliner, and it's built to last a lifetime. Plus, it's completely non-porous, ensuring a clean and hygienic adventure every time you blast off.

Get Ready for Takeoff:

Let's delve into the specs of this anal masterpiece. With an overall length of 100mm and an insertable length of 85mm, the Rockets Butt Plug knows how to hit the right spots. Its width at the slimmest point is a mere 15mm, but don't be fooled by its petite appearance. At its widest point, it expands to a thrilling 35mm, providing a sensation that's out of this world.

Certified to Conquer:

We take safety seriously, and that's why this product is certified 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel. Beware of cheaper imitations that use chromed steel or poor-quality surgical steel containing Magnate. Magnate is the villain that causes steel to rust, and we'll only put our endorsement on the real deal - 100% surgical steel.

So, whether you're a seasoned explorer of the cosmos or a beginner looking for a stellar experience, the Hell's Couture Rockets Butt Plug in Steel is your ticket to a journey that's both thrilling and comfortable. It's time to explore uncharted territories in the universe of pleasure.

approximate measurements

Overall length: 100mm

Insertable length: 85mm

Plug width at slimmest point: 15mm

Plug width at widest point: 35mm


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