Rainbow Wild Passion Anal Plug Large
Rainbow Wild Passion Anal Plug Large
Rainbow Wild Passion Anal Plug Large
Rainbow Wild Passion Anal Plug Large
Rainbow Wild Passion Anal Plug Large

Rainbow Wild Passion Anal Plug Large

Elevate Your Pleasure with the Wild Passion Anal Plug! Get Yours Today and Experience a Standing Ovation of Ecstasy.

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$54.99 AUD

Product Description


The Wild Passion Anal Plug: Because Your Butt Deserves a Standing Ovation


Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be dazzled by the one, the only—Wild Passion Anal Plug! This ain't your average anal accessory; it's a show-stopping sensation brought to you by Hell's Couture. Get ready to experience an anal extravaganza like never before.


A Symphony of Sparkles: What sets this anal plug apart from the rest? The bling, of course! It's adorned with gemstones that could outshine the crown jewels. Take your pick from a dazzling lineup of stones, including Black, Diamond, Emerald, Lime, Rainbow, Aqua Blue, and Ruby. It's like decorating your derriere for a royal gala!


Ridges That Rock: But the Wild Passion Anal Plug isn't just a pretty face—it's got moves! With ribbed waves of pleasure, it's like a rock concert for your rear end. Each ridge is a musical note, and together, they play a symphony of ecstasy that'll leave you tapping your toes in delight.


Size Matters (Sometimes): In the world of anal pleasure, size can be the difference between a standing ovation and a polite golf clap. That's why the Wild Passion Anal Plug comes in a Large size that's perfect for those who like to make an entrance. With an overall length of 100mm, an insertable length of 90mm, and an insertable width ranging from 15mm to a jaw-dropping 38mm, it's got the dimensions to impress. Don't worry, though; other size options are available for those who prefer a different encore.


A Quality Performance: At Hell's Couture, we don't cut corners—especially when it comes to quality. That's why we proudly certify this product as 100% Non-Magnate and medical-grade steel. Say goodbye to imitations made from subpar materials that rust over time. Our 100% surgical steel endorsement ensures a performance that's built to last.


Prepare for an Anal Extravaganza: Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to roll out the red carpet for your rear end. With the Wild Passion Anal Plug, your anus becomes the star of the show, and every night is opening night. So, get ready to take a bow after a performance that'll leave you demanding encore after encore!

Metal Butt Plug

Gems Available in

Black  Diamond  Emerald  Lime  Rainbow  Aqua Blue Ruby 


Overall Length; 100mm

Insertable Length; 90mm

Insertable Width; 15-38mm

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