Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light
Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light
Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light
Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light

Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light

Elevate your bondage play with the Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light by BDStyle. This lightweight faux leather collar features stylish studs and spikes for alternative fashion.

$25.00 AUD

Product Description

Experience the Sensual World of BDSM with the Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the captivating world of BDSM and alternative fashion? Look no further than the Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light by BDStyle, a remarkable accessory that seamlessly blends style and kink, offering both beginners and experienced enthusiasts an opportunity to explore their deepest desires.

Aesthetic Elegance Meets Sensual Intrigue At first glance, this exquisite collar is a testament to alternative fashion's creativity. Crafted from high-quality faux leather, it combines sleek and durable materials with a commitment to animal-friendly design. The Vegan Spiked Collar Light is not only a symbol of your unique style but also your commitment to ethical choices.

A Design that Commands Attention The focal point of this stunning collar is the mesmerizing arrangement of spikes and studs that adorn it. Seven meticulously placed spikes encircle the collar, lending it an enticing edge that's sure to catch eyes and ignite curiosity. The symmetrical arrangement of the studs adds an element of sophistication, contrasting beautifully with the rugged spikes.

Customizable for the Perfect Fit Comfort and versatility are at the core of the Punk Vegan Spiked Collar Light's design. With a width of 5cm (1.97 inches) and a length of 48cm (18.8 inches), this collar offers an adjustable fit that accommodates a wide range of neck sizes. Whether you're new to bondage or an experienced player, you'll find the ten adjustable options perfect for achieving your desired fit and level of comfort.

Unleash Your Imagination This collar's potential for pleasure and play is limited only by your imagination. Wear it proudly as an alternative fashion statement or don it as part of your BDSM exploration. The metal O-ring at the front allows you to attach a leash, giving your partner the power to lead or simply adding an extra layer of dominance and submission to your intimate moments.

Two Grades of Faux Leather At BDStyle, we understand that different desires require different levels of durability and thickness. That's why we offer two grades of faux leather for our customers:

  1. Beginners/Soft Bondage: This grade is perfect for those new to BDSM or looking for lighter bondage play. It feels comfortable and light to wear, making it ideal for sensual exploration. The average thickness of the PVC material is 2mm.

  2. Hardcore/Heavy Bondage: For experienced enthusiasts seeking more intense experiences, our hardcore-grade faux leather is designed to withstand rigorous play. It's heavier to wear and more robust, ensuring durability during heavy bondage sessions. The average thickness of the PVC material is 2.5mm.

Choose the grade that aligns with your desires and level of experience to make the most of your BDSM adventures.

Collar Width 5cm

Length 48cm (18.8")

10 Adjustable Options

7 Spikes O Ring 50mm

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