Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader
Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader
Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader
Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader

Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader

Crafted from premium stainless steel, this adjustable bondage restraint offers unparalleled intimacy and pleasure.

$99.99 AUD

Product Description

The world of BDSM and bondage is a realm of erotic exploration, trust, and surrender. And at the heart of this captivating universe is the BDStyle Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader—an exquisite tool designed to take your intimate adventures to new heights.

Discover Absolute Submission:

The Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader is an embodiment of surrender and vulnerability. Crafted with precision and devotion, this bondage accessory offers an enticing experience like no other. Comprising a robust metal bar and cuffs that elegantly encircle the wrists or ankles, it grants you the power to restrict your partner's movement at your command.

Quality That's Beyond Compare:

Quality matters when it comes to BDSM play, and the BDStyle Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader lives up to its promise. This enticing restraint is made from high-quality stainless steel that's both durable and alluring. It exudes an air of dominance and submission with its sleek, silver finish—a visual delight for any bondage enthusiast.

Adjustable for Every Desire:

Perfect for both beginners and experienced players, this wrist spreader offers adjustable cuffs that ensure a comfortable fit on a range of wrist or ankle sizes. The cuffs are designed to fit snugly yet safely, providing a sense of confinement and surrender without compromising comfort.

Unlock Your Deepest Desires:

Whether you seek to discipline, punish, or simply explore your partner's boundaries, the Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader is the perfect companion. It encourages complete submission and surrender, allowing you to unlock the deepest desires within you both. Pair it with other bondage accessories like blindfolds or gags to elevate your sensory experience.

Technical Details:

Color: Silver

Material: Stainless Steel

Package: Discreet Bag

Thickness: 0.7 cm (0.3 inches)

Height: 2 cm (4.7 inches)

Wrist Spreader:

Bar Size: 16 * 1.9 cm (6.3 * 0.7 inches)

Female Size Cuff Diameter: 5.3 cm (2.0 inches)

Male Size Cuff Diameter: 6.0 cm (2.4 inches)

Indulge in the pleasures of surrender and submission with the BDStyle Press Key Steel Wrist Spreader—a masterpiece of BDSM craftsmanship that invites you to explore the depths of your desires.

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