Performance Truck Tire - Black
Performance Truck Tire - Black
Performance Truck Tire - Black

Performance Truck Tire - Black

Elevate pleasure with the Performance Truck Tire. Perform like a stud and look exceptional. Order now for unforgettable experiences!

$19.99 AUD

Product Description

Unleash the power of performance with the Blush Novelties Performance Truck Tire in captivating black. This cock ring is not just an accessory; it's a promise to perform at your best and look exceptional doing it. Slip on the Truck Tire and experience a level of pleasure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Designed for the modern man who wants to elevate his intimate moments, the Performance Truck Tire is crafted from the super elastic X5 Plus material, ensuring a soft and stretchy fit for any size. Prolong pleasure, maintain a rock-hard erection, and make a style statement with this tire-inspired cock ring. Be the stud you've always wanted to be.

Blush's Performance brand is dedicated to improving your sex life, and the Truck Tire is a testament to that commitment. Don't settle for mediocrity when you can enhance your performance and pleasure.

Safety is paramount in our products. The Truck Tire is made from body-safe materials, meeting international safety standards set forth by CE and RoHS directives. Phthalate and latex-free, it's a conscious choice for a worry-free experience. With a thickness of 2.2 cm, an inner diameter of 1.9 cm, and an outer diameter of 6.4 cm, it offers a comfortable and secure fit.

Experience the blend of style, performance, and pleasure with the Performance Truck Tire – where every encounter is extraordinary.

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