Penis Urethra Speculum
Penis Urethra Speculum
Penis Urethra Speculum
Penis Urethra Speculum
Penis Urethra Speculum
Penis Urethra Speculum

Penis Urethra Speculum

Explore new realms of pleasure with BDStyle's Penis Urethra Speculum. Discover the world of urethral play and medical exploration with precision and safety.

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Product Description

Discover BDStyle's Penis Urethra Speculum - Your Path to Urethral Exploration

Urethral play and exploration have taken a prominent place in the realm of intimate experiences for those who seek new sensations and sensations unlike any other. Enter the BDStyle Penis Urethra Speculum, a meticulously crafted medical device designed to open doors to uncharted pleasure.


Understanding Urethral Speculums: A urethral speculum, similar in concept to a vaginal speculum, is a medical instrument used to open and stretch the urethra, the tube responsible for carrying urine from the bladder out of the body. This device features two blades or prongs that can be carefully expanded or closed with a hinge mechanism. It is often employed by healthcare professionals for examinations, medical procedures, or to explore the urethra for any abnormalities.


The BDStyle Difference: Our Penis Urethra Speculum, crafted from high-quality stainless steel, is a testament to precision and durability. Its silver color reflects the quality and hygiene standards we uphold, ensuring a safe and pleasurable experience every time.


Size Options for Comfort: Available in a range of sizes to cater to individual preferences, our speculum comes in four dimensions: Small (7 * 0.5 cm), Medium (7 * 0.6 cm), Large (11.9 * 0.5 cm), and Extra Large (11.9 * 0.6 cm). The variety allows you to choose the perfect fit for your exploration journey, prioritizing your comfort and pleasure.


Endless Possibilities: Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer to urethral play, the BDStyle Penis Urethra Speculum opens doors to endless possibilities. From gentle exploration to more advanced sensations, it can be used as part of solo or partner play, adding excitement and variety to your intimate moments.


Safety First: As with any intimate exploration, it's crucial to prioritize safety and hygiene. Our speculum is easy to clean and sanitize, ensuring peace of mind as you embark on your journey of urethral exploration.

Color: Silver
S: 7 * 0.5 cm/2.7 * 0.19 inch
M: 7 * 0.6 cm/2.7 * 0.23 inch
L: 11.9 * 0.5 cm/4.6 * 0.19 inch
XL: 11.9 * 0.6 cm/4.6 * 0.23 inch
Material: Stainless Steel
Package: OPP Bag

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