Pendant Foot Suspension Boots
Pendant Foot Suspension Boots
Pendant Foot Suspension Boots
Pendant Foot Suspension Boots

Pendant Foot Suspension Boots

Elevate your BDSM play with BDStyle's Pendant Foot Suspension Boots. Experience unmatched vulnerability and objectification.

$79.99 AUD

Product Description

Bondage Feet Suspension Boots


Prepare for an adventure like no other with BDStyle's Pendant Foot Suspension Boots. These boots are the ultimate choice for experienced BDSM enthusiasts who crave intense bondage experiences. Meticulously crafted from premium faux leather, they offer both comfort and durability.


Key Features:


  1. Hardcore Bondage at Its Best: Take your bondage sessions to the extreme by turning your submissive into a human pendant. Suspension bondage is the epitome of total submission.

  2. Unmatched Vulnerability: Suspension bondage delivers an unparalleled sense of vulnerability and inescapability. The fear of falling creates not only physical but also mental bondage.

  3. A World of Sensation: Discover the thrill of objectification, submissiveness, and erotic helplessness. These sensations will electrify both the suspendee and the observers, enhancing your BDSM play.

  4. Experience Liberation: Suspension also offers a sense of liberation as you "fly" through the room. With certain rigging styles, you can control your spin rate, body position, and activities.

  5. Trance-Like States: Expect to enter trance-like states during suspension. The sensation of "anti-gravity," heightened bodily awareness, and the surrender of natural physical strength combine for an unforgettable journey.


With three adjustable straps and two hang straps, safety and comfort are guaranteed during your suspension scenes. BDStyle's Pendant Foot Suspension Boots are your passport to exploring the most intense realms of bondage, discipline, and submission.


Length 19cm

Width 30cm

Adjustable Straps 3

Hang Straps 2 

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