Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice
Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice
Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice
Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice

Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice

Control pleasure with Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice - Buy now for an intense intimate experience!

$34.99 AUD

Product Description

Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice - The Art of Pleasure Control

Step into a realm of intimate exploration with the Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice by XR Brands, where pleasure becomes an art form and pain transforms into ecstasy. These bullnose-style clamps, delicately attached to a single chain, redefine the boundaries of nipple play, offering an unparalleled experience of control and intensity.

The secret to this sensory symphony lies in the adjustable screw near the tip of each clamp. With a simple turn, you have the power to tailor the level of pleasure or pain your plaything receives. Whether you're an aficionado of BDSM or a newcomer to the world of intimate adventures, the Ox Bull Nose Nipple Vice is your key to unlocking a universe of sensations.

The vinyl-coated tips of the clamps add an element of luxurious comfort, ensuring that your experience is not only intense but also safe. The single chain enhances the visual and tactile appeal, inviting you to surrender to the rhythmic dance of pleasure and restraint.


  • Bullnose-style clamps for precise control
  • Adjustable intensity with a screw mechanism
  • Vinyl-coated tips for comfort and safety
  • Single chain for added visual and tactile appeal

Measurements: 16 inches in total length, clamp opens to approximately 0.5 inches wide

Material: Steel and vinyl

Color: Silver

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