OUCH! Glow In Dark Rope - 10m
OUCH! Glow In Dark Rope - 10m
OUCH! Glow In Dark Rope - 10m

OUCH! Glow In Dark Rope - 10m

Light up the night with OUCH! Glow In Dark Rope – Your glowy adventure awaits. Activate the fun now!

$49.99 AUD

Product Description

Hey, night owls and mischief-makers, listen up – we've got something that'll make your after-dark escapades shine brighter than your favorite disco ball. It's the OUCH! Glow In Dark Rope - 10m, the ultimate fusion of authentic bondage vibes and a glow-in-the-dark spectacle that's bound to make every event a part-ay!

Let's talk aesthetics, shall we? This ain't your grandma's knitting yarn – it's a glow-in-the-dark masterpiece. Authentic bondage with a dash of fluorescent green detailing that screams, "Let's get this party started!" Whether you're the maestro of the ties or the willing canvas, this rope is about to turn your intimate moments into a neon-infused adventure.

Got a sexy game in mind? Well, this is your playmate. Sub can't move while you work your magic? Perfect. Being tied up and transformed into a glowing masterpiece? Also perfect. The OUCH! Glow In Dark Rope isn't just a rope; it's a luminous tool designed to add a touch of magic to your after-dark rendezvous.

Oh, and here's a pro tip – Ouch!?Glow-In-The-Dark?products are like vampires; they need a bit of sunlight before they shine in the dark. Activate, tantalize, and let the glow-in-the-dark party begin!

Ready to take your playtime to a whole new level? Grab the OUCH! Glow In Dark Rope because, let's be real, the dark side was never this enticing.

- Product dimensions: 10 m x 0.6 cm x 0.6 cm
- Product weight: 183 gram
- Product diameter: 0.6 cm
- Phthalate free: Yes
- Materials: 100% Polypropylene Fibre

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