Ouch Beginners Handcuffs
Ouch Beginners Handcuffs
Ouch Beginners Handcuffs

Ouch Beginners Handcuffs

Ouch Beginners Handcuffs By Shots Toys are safe and have an easy to find quick-release button in case you lose one of the two keys

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Product Description

A super lightweight set of wrist cuffs in a shiny red metal, the Ouch! Beginners Handcuffs are a versatile and comfortable pair of restraints. This easy to manage design is extremely durable, made out of solid metal and while their name indicates that they are easy for the beginner to use, they are also a great set of cuffs for the expert to have in their kit.


A very short length and chain holds the two cuffs together and makes it easy to lock your lovers hands into the proper position. That short length drastically restricts their movements, especially if you fasten up to something else. These cuffs fit comfortably with an easy slider mechanism so that all you need to do to fit them is apply some pressure to the catch on the base to open the cuffs, then slide them around your wrists and push the two ends together.

Anytime you want out of the use Beginner Cuffs all you have to do is press on the quick-release mechanism and you'll be free, however, if you wish to play with these wrist cuffs in a more traditional manner there also two keys included.

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