Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager
Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager
Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager
Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager

Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager

Elevate pleasure with Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager – buy now for the ultimate satisfaction!

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Product Description

Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your front-row tickets to the Love Symphony Orchestra, starring the Optimale Duo C-Ring (35mm) and P-Massager – the harmonious duo that turns your bedroom into a pleasure-packed auditorium!

Picture this: the silicone maestro, the C-Ring, takes center stage, conducting a symphony of delayed ejaculation and long-lasting erections. The audience (that's you!) is on the edge of their seats, cheering for an encore. But hold on – the real showstopper sneaks in from the back, the P-Massager, playing a sensual serenade on your prostate. It's like Beethoven composing a masterpiece on your pleasure nerves.

And here comes the surprise soloist – the joystick-style handle! It's not just for show; it's the rockstar that adds control and flair to the entire performance. Feel the rhythm, control the tempo, and let the symphony of pleasure transport you to a pleasure-filled paradise.

But fear not, dear pleasure aficionados – comfort is key! The Optimale Duo is crafted from soft, stretchable silicone, ensuring a performance that's both pleasurable and cozy. And when the curtain falls, those tabs on the C-Ring make for a smooth exit, no awkward fumbling in the dark.

So, if you're ready to experience the Love Symphony Orchestra in your own private concert hall, grab the Optimale Duo – where pleasure meets perfection!


• Silicone Massager Stimulates Prostate
• C-Ring Delays Ejaculation
• Maintains Long-Lasting Erections
• Joystick Adds Control and Heightens Sensation
• Soft, Stretchable Silicone
• C-Ring Features Tabs for Easy Removal
• Phthalate-Free, Body-Safe


Total Length 4 (in) / 10.16 (cm)
Insertable/Usable Length 4 (in) / 10.16 (cm)
Width/Diameter 0.9 (in) / 2.29 (cm)
Circumference 2.75 (in) / 6.99 (cm)
Ring Inner Diameter 1.40 (in) / 3.56 (cm)

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