OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug
OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug
OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug
OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug
OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug
OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug

OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug

Experience the ultimate in dual pleasure with the OMG Masterpiece. Get your hands on this unique anal intruder and penis plug combo. Take control of your desires!

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Product Description

OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug


Prepare to delve into a world of ultimate pleasure and power with the Hell’s Couture OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug. This extraordinary device is not for the faint of heart; it's for those who crave the exquisite blend of dominance and sensation.


A Match Made in Pleasure Heaven


The OMG Cockring and Anal Intruder Ball, available separately, come together to create a symphony of sensations that will awaken your deepest desires. Crafted from flawlessly polished stainless steel, the cockring not only exudes sophistication but also guarantees your erection remains strong and impressive. The anal ball, sold separately, plays a vital role in securing the cockring in place while ensuring effortless cleaning with its screw-on design.


The Unique Anal Intruder Cock Ring


The OMG Anal Intruder Cock Ring is not your average cock ring; it's a revelation. While it functions as a traditional cock ring, enhancing your erection and stamina, it goes beyond by introducing the steel ball that penetrates your anal passage. This is where the true adventure begins. Wearing this device means you're constantly aware of the anal intruder moving inside you, providing an exhilarating and unrelenting sensation.


But the magic truly happens when you engage in sexual activity. With every thrust and movement, the intruder inside you becomes an accomplice in your pursuit of pleasure. The orgasms you'll experience are beyond anything you've ever felt before – intense, mind-blowing, and utterly satisfying.


The Added Pleasure of a Penis Plug


And now, with the addition of a penis plug, your pleasure reaches new heights. The combination of the cock ring, anal intruder, and penis plug is a trifecta of ecstasy that will leave you yearning for more.


Customize Your Experience


Choose the size of the ball that suits your desires and comfort. With various ring sizes available, you can ensure a snug fit that ensures maximum pleasure.


Please note that this purchase includes the device only, and the balls are sold separately.


Are you ready to unlock the door to dual stimulation, intense pleasure, and endless possibilities? The OMG Masterpiece Anal Intruder & Penis Plug awaits your command.

Penis Plug

Length 70mm

WIDTH 8mm-5mm


Ring Sizes  35mm  40mm  45mm  50mm  55mm


THIS IS FOR THE DEVICE ONLY the balls are sold seperately!

Different Ball Options Are -

Check out the Interchangeable Solid Rolly Polly Balls.

Also the Interchangeable Hollow Ben Wa Balls.

Also the Interchangeable Solid Egg Ball.


Also the Interchangeable Babushka Anal Plug


*  Please note this product is not a certified surgical steel grade product *

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