Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru
Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru
Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru
Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru
Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru
Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru
Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru
Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru

Net Male Chastity Device With Cum Thru

Experience erotic control and submission with our Net Male Chastity Device. This BDSM chastity toy keeps you locked while allowing stimulation with its Cum Thru design.

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Product Description


Introducing the Net Male Chastity Device with Cum Thru - a stunning blend of bondage aesthetics and erotic control. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this chastity cage is not just a tool for restraint; it's a statement of dominance and submission in the world of BDSM.


Design and Materials - This chastity device is a masterpiece in design and functionality. It is constructed from durable, hygienic metal that not only ensures longevity but also adds a sense of severity to your chastity experience. The silver-colored cage measures 4.5 x 3.3 cm (1.8 x 1.3 inches), providing a snug and secure fit for the wearer.


What sets this chastity device apart is the ingenious Cum Thru feature. A 14.2 cm (5.6 inches) metal tube runs through the center of the cage, allowing for urination, easy cleaning, and even the possibility of some teasing by your dominant partner. This addition makes extended wear more convenient and hygienic.


Comfort and Fit - Comfort is a crucial aspect of any chastity device, especially for prolonged use. The Net Male Chastity Device excels in this regard with its thoughtful design. The cage's internal structure is smooth and contoured, preventing chafing or discomfort during extended periods of wear. It's ideal for subs who want to submit for hours or even days.


The device comes with three different ring sizes: Small (4.0 cm/1.6 inches), Medium (4.5 cm/1.8 inches), and Large (5.0 cm/2.0 inches). This range ensures that you can find the perfect fit for your individual anatomy, ensuring both comfort and security.


Chastity Play - Chastity play is an exciting and consensual power exchange dynamic in BDSM relationships. The Net Male Chastity Device provides the keyholder with complete control over the wearer's sexual release. It's a journey into the world of erotic anticipation, submission, and obedience.


The unique net-style design of the cage adds a visual element to the experience. Whether you're wearing it for an intimate night with your partner or a public display of submission, the chastity device serves as a reminder of who holds the key to your pleasure.


Hygiene and Maintenance - Hygiene is paramount when exploring chastity play. The Cum Thru feature not only allows for easy cleaning but also ensures you can maintain cleanliness even during prolonged wear. It's compatible with most cleaning solutions, making maintenance a breeze.


The Net Male Chastity Device with Cum Thru is the perfect accessory for those looking to explore the thrilling world of chastity play. Its stunning design, comfortable fit, and convenient Cum Thru feature make it a top choice for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. Whether you're wearing it as a symbol of devotion or under the strict control of a dominant partner, this chastity device will redefine your understanding of erotic submission.

Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Cage Size: 4.5 * 3.3 cm/1.8 * 1.3 inch
Cum Thru Length: 14.2 cm/5.6 inch
Ring Size:
S: 4.0 CM/1.6 Inch
M: 4.5 CM/1.8 Inch
L: 5.0 CM//2.0 Inch

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