Mr Dorcel Lasso Cockring
Mr Dorcel Lasso Cockring
Mr Dorcel Lasso Cockring
Mr Dorcel Lasso Cockring

Mr Dorcel Lasso Cockring

Elevate your pleasure game with Mr Dorcel Lasso Cockring! Tailor-made pleasure awaits – buy now for a customized experience.

$24.99 AUD

Product Description

Attention, pleasure architects! Get ready to build the perfect erection with Mr Dorcel Lasso Cockring – the adjustable marvel that's here to take your intimate experiences to a whole new level.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill cockring; it's a game-changer with a soft, adjustable silicone link that's as flexible as your imagination. Why settle for one-size-fits-all when you can have a pleasure accessory tailor-made for your unique anatomy?

But wait, there's more! Mr Dorcel isn't just about customization; it's about versatility too. Wear it at the base of your penis for a classic experience or behind the testicles for a double delight that will have you and your partner singing its praises.

Now, let's talk about the main event – the erections. Brace yourself for a more intense, more powerful, and longer-lasting experience that's sure to make Madam's day. It's like a superhero upgrade for your manhood!

But it's not just about function; it's about fashion too. The finesse of the design and that Marc Dorcel logo on the adjustment system turn this cockring into a pleasure accessory with a touch of sophistication. It's pleasure with a side of style!

Crafted from soft and flexible phthalate-free silicone, Mr Dorcel doesn't compromise on comfort or safety. And yes, it's waterproof, because why should pleasure be confined to dry land?

Ready to revolutionize your romp? Buy Mr Dorcel Lasso Cockring now and experience a pleasure revolution that's all about you!

Characteristics of Mr Dorcel :

  • Soft and flexible phthalate-free silicone
  • Adjustable
  • One size fits all sizes
  • Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 285 x ø5 mm

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