Master Metal Collar
Master Metal Collar
Master Metal Collar
Master Metal Collar

Master Metal Collar

Discover the world of dominance and submission with our Stainless Steel Collar. Crafted with precision, it's the perfect symbol of trust and commitment in BDSM relationships.

$49.99 AUD

Product Description

The "M" Steel Collar from bdstyle - the Ultimate Symbol of Dominance and Devotion!

BDSM is the relationship between a master and their submissive is a powerful and intricate dance of trust, loyalty, and devotion. It's a world where desires are explored, boundaries are pushed, and the dynamics between individuals shift to create an electrifying experience that transcends the conventional norms of sexual exploration.


At the core of this intense dynamic lies symbolism, and nothing epitomizes this symbolism better than the "M" Steel Collar from bdstyle. This collar is more than just an accessory; it's a statement. A statement of ownership, dominance, and unwavering loyalty.


Crafted for the Masterful Dominant: The "M" Steel Collar is an exquisitely crafted masterpiece, designed for those who revel in the art of dominance. When your submissive wears this collar, they are not just wearing jewelry; they are adorned with the symbol of their devotion to you as their master.


A Comfortable Fit for Your Submissive: Comfort is paramount when it comes to bondage and BDSM gear, and we understand that your submissive's well-being is a top priority. The inner ring of this collar has a diameter of 121mm, ensuring a comfortable fit while allowing your sub to wear it with pride.


Strength and Resilience: Crafted from premium stainless steel, this collar is built to last. The ring thickness of 5mm provides durability and strength, symbolizing the resilience and commitment shared between the master and the sub. This isn't just an accessory; it's a testament to the strength of your bond.


Elegance Meets Authority: This collar isn't just about power; it's about sophistication. The ring depth of 20mm adds an element of elegance to the design, making it a truly captivating piece of jewelry. When your submissive wears this collar, they are not just acknowledging your authority; they are embracing the exquisite aesthetics of the BDSM world.


Ownership and Devotion: In BDSM, symbols are everything. The "M" Steel Collar is the symbol of ownership and devotion. By wearing this collar, your submissive proudly displays their allegiance to you, reinforcing the power dynamics that exist within your relationship. It's a physical manifestation of the trust and commitment that bind you together.


Make a Bold Statement: Choose the "M" Steel Collar from bdstyle and make a bold statement as a master. Let the world know that your sub belongs to you and that their loyalty knows no bounds. Indulge in the power of this collar and embrace the undeniable connection it represents. Enter a world of dominance and submission with bdstyle's exquisite collection.


Please Note: This product is not certified as a surgical steel-grade product. It is designed for BDSM and fetish use and is not intended for medical purposes.

approximate measurements

Inner ring diameter: 120mm

Ring thickness: 5mm

Ring depth: 20mm

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