Link Up Verge
Link Up Verge
Link Up Verge
Link Up Verge
Link Up Verge

Link Up Verge

Elevate pleasure with Link Up Verge - A thumping symphony for intense satisfaction. Buy now for an unforgettable experience! Satisfaction guaranteed.

$119.99 AUD

Product Description

Link Up Verge - A Symphony of Pleasure and Power

Welcome to a realm where pleasure meets power, and ecstasy knows no bounds—the Link Up™ Verge, a revolutionary Calex Thumping Clitoral Action Ring designed to elevate your intimate moments to unparalleled heights. Immerse yourself in a world of dual stimulation, intense thumping functions, and a sensually contoured stimulator that promises to redefine pleasure for you and your partner.

Powerful Thumping Symphony:

The Link Up Verge is not just a cock ring; it's a conductor of pleasure, orchestrating a powerful thumping symphony with 10 distinct functions. Each thump is a note in a crescendo of ecstasy, vibrating through the gyrating stimulator and the tight ring. Brace yourself for an intense experience that will send both you and your partner spiraling into pure bliss.

Ultra-Soft™ Support and Sensation:

Enhance your pleasure journey with the added Ultra-Soft™ support ring, meticulously crafted to increase stamina, sensitivity, and girth. As the dual ring combination holds tight, anticipate an explosive pleasure experience that caters to both partners. Men can revel in increased sensitivity, stamina, and girth, while the hands-free shaking propels ladies into a wonderland of pleasure.

Versatility Beyond the Bedroom:

Take the pleasure beyond the bedroom, whether it's the bath, the poolside, or a romantic getaway. With up to 1.5 hours of waterproof pulsations, the Link Up Verge invites you to explore new dimensions of intimacy. Immerse yourself in the sensation of water-enhanced pleasure, creating unforgettable moments with your partner.

Smart and Sensible Pleasure:

Recharge your pleasure quickly and efficiently with the provided charging cable. In just 2.5 hours, you'll be ready to dive back into playtime. The Link Up Verge is not just powerful; it's intelligent too. A state-of-the-art memory chip ensures that the device remembers your preferences, picking up right where you left off in your last pleasure session.

Dimensions that Deliver:

Measuring at 3.5" x 2.25" (Overall) and with a Rings Diameter of 1.5", the Link Up Verge is crafted to provide a comfortable yet snug fit. The thoughtful design ensures that every movement, every thump, and every sensation is maximized for your pleasure.

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