Kink Tug Nipple Clips with Heavy Weight and Silicone Tips
Kink Tug Nipple Clips with Heavy Weight and Silicone Tips
Kink Tug Nipple Clips with Heavy Weight and Silicone Tips

Kink Tug Nipple Clips with Heavy Weight and Silicone Tips

Discover the thrill of Kink Tug Nipple Clips. Adjustable, silicone-tipped, and designed for hands-free pleasure. Perfect for BDSM enthusiasts.

$99.99 AUD

Product Description

Elevate your fetish play with the sensational Kink Tug Nipple Clips by Doc Johnson. These unique nipple clamps are an essential addition to your collection of erotic accessories, designed for the most intense and electrifying sensations.

With their classic alligator-style design, these nipple clips feature an extra-wide twist, ensuring you can achieve the tightest fit possible. The heavy connecting chain adds a playful swing and tug, making your every move a source of breathtaking pleasure.

The screw-clamp construction and broad silicone tips ensure that the clips stay firmly in place, securely gripping your nipples until you decide to remove them. The soft red silicone tips not only contrast beautifully with the black metal hardware but also protect your skin, allowing you to push your boundaries without worry.

For those who crave even more intensity, these Kink Tug Nipple Clips come with an attached O-ring on the chain. This feature allows you to attach additional weights or your favorite toys, giving you complete control over the level of pleasure and sensation you desire.

Kink by Doc Johnson is a collaboration that delivers high-quality, authentic fetish items suitable for both seasoned practitioners and those new to the world of BDSM and fetish play. If you're exploring the world of kink for the first time or looking to enhance your existing experiences, Kink Tug Nipple Clips are the perfect choice to awaken your desires.


  • Nipple Clips with Faceted Weight and Heavy Metal Chain
  • Designed for Hands-Free Wear
  • Red Kink-Branded Silicone Tips on All Clamping Implements
  • Attractive Black Metal Hardware
  • Phthalate-Free and Body-Safe

Dimensions: Total Length: 25 inches (63.50 cm)

Experience the thrill of Kink Tug Nipple Clips by Doc Johnson and take your fetish play to new heights. Order now and explore the world of sensual and electrifying pleasure like never before.

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