Kink Leather Submissive Accessories Ankle Restraint Black/Red
Kink Leather Submissive Accessories Ankle Restraint Black/Red

Kink Leather Submissive Accessories Ankle Restraint Black/Red

Elevate your play with Kink Leather Ankle Restraints — Stylish, safe, and perfect for keeping your sub exactly where they belong!

$159.99 AUD

Product Description

Kink Leather Submissive Accessories Ankle Restraint Black/Red

Ah, ankle restraints—the unsung heroes of the BDSM realm. Why are we so fond of them? Well, these little wonders are your insurance policy against a hasty escape. They're not just accessories; they're dream fulfillers, desire keepers, and the ultimate tools for keeping your sub in check. Picture it: your submissive, bound and sitting like a well-trained pet, ready for your every command. And here's the secret—these ankle cuffs are not just about restraint; they're about turning into a position master, holding those legs in the air with a flair that says, "I'm in control, and you're here for the ride."

Now, let's talk about the stars of the show—the Kink by Doc Johnson Leather Ankle Restraints. Crafted in the sultry combination of red and black leather, these cuffs are not just a binding tool; they're a fashion statement that matches the signature colors of Kink.com. But the beauty doesn't stop at the surface; these cuffs are equipped with D-rings for a level of versatility that sparks the imagination. Clip them to leads, spreader bars, hog tie clips, or any other gear that fuels your creativity.

Safety and comfort take center stage in the design of these ankle restraints. Fully padded for both play and everyday wear, these cuffs are more than just accessories; they are an experience in sensuality and trust. The adjustable locking buckle closure adds a layer of intimacy to your play, creating a connection that goes beyond the physical restraint.

And here's a pro tip: the double-strap construction is not just about functionality; it's about adding a touch of craftsmanship to your play. Pair these ankle restraints with the matching Kink by Doc Johnson Leather Wrist Restraints for a coordinated look that takes your play to a whole new level. Because in the world of Kink, it's not just about binding; it's about creating an aesthetic, an experience, and a celebration of desire.

In conclusion, the Kink Leather Ankle Restraints Black/Red are not just accessories; they're a playful nod to your dominance, a visual delight, and an open invitation to explore the world of submission with style and creativity.


• Padded for Safe, Comfortable Wear
• Adjustable Locking Buckle Closure
• Double-Strap Construction
• D-Rings for Clip-On Restraint Accessories


Total Length 12 in | 30.48 cm
Width/Diameter 3.5 in | 8.89 cm
Circumference 9 in to 11 in | 22.86 cm to 27.94 cm

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